Surveying and talking with drivers about the danger of the treadle valve and the problem it can cause with out the driver’s knowledge.

Allan on the road again spreading the news about the dangers of the Treadle Valve and the problems it can cause a driver while driving down the roads and highways.

Today Allan is back in a Missouri truck stop visiting with the drivers from all different states and Canada finding out how many drivers know about the Treadle Valve Problem.  Explaining the dangers of the Treadle Valve problem and how it can affect all people on the roads and highways.

Trucking Survey  2 001

Allan enjoys talking to drivers and doing his survey about the Treadle Valve.

Trucking Survey  2 006

A little breezy in Missouri as Allan talks to the drivers about their knowledge of the CVSA bulletin done in 2012.

Trucking Survey  2 007

Allan talking to another proud driver about the Treadle Valve problems and his lack of knowledge of the Treadle Valve!  NOW HE KNOWS!!!!!!!!!!

Trucking Survey  2 008

Allan was impressed when the driver hauling an over-size load said his company sent all the drivers the same article about the CVSA treadle valve bulletin. YES the word is finally getting to the trucking companies and drivers.

Trucking Survey  2 002

Allan visiting with another truck driver discussing the dangers of the Treadle Valve and the danger it can cause while driving down the road!!!!!!!!!

Allan day 2 survey!  Allan learning just how little knowledge is known about the most important air brake valve in the air brake system. So far not one driver has said while the truck is being inspected during a DOT inspection has the inspecting officer inspected the Treadle Valve.

FMCSA put the CVSA bulletin about the Treadle Valve into their road-side inspections and yet it is still not being inspected. What else has to be done before saving people’s lives becomes a priority!

Allan wonders if the words from FMCSA “safety for all people” on the roads and highways is their main concern, why are they not concerned about a problem that can cause an accident at any time without the driver’s knowledge?

Allan wishes to thank each and every driver for participating in his survey about the Treadle Valve.  Allan’s goal with his survey is to help spread the word to everyone out there traveling on our roads and highways of the dangers of the treadle valve if it is not working properly. 

Once again Allan is heading out on the road to continue with his survey. Tune in later with Allan and read more about the Treadle Valve and the dangers it can cause if not working properly!!!!!!

By:  Allan Powel

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