Here’s the story from RED SOVINE, one of the best trucking songs ever performed.
I am sure a lot of you know about the story of the Phantom 309, but please will you take a minute and listen to this song as you read  Allan’s story of the accident that called Big Joe and Phantom 309 home!

What you didn’t know is the rest of the story, the truth of what caused the Phantom 309 to go into a skid. See the Phantom 309 had a TREADLE VALVE that was defective and STUCK!! Sadly, as Big Joe pushed on the brakes, the Phantom 309 went into a skid. It was all Big Joe could do to keep it from going into the bus loaded with children and well, the song tells the rest of the story.

Just about every trucker on the roads knew of Big Joe and Phantom 309. They would all listen as he talked about his boy back home called Teddy Bear. Yes the little boy he left behind in this old world along with his wife that he called Momma Teddy Bear had to support themselves because Big Joe was called home that day when the Phantom 309 went into a skid!!! This next song tells the story well! If you would, please listen to the next song!

As the years went on the truth was never known of what really happen to Big Joe and the Phantom 309. And as the years slowly passed, little Teddy Bear’s time on earth too had finally come to an end, leaving Momma Teddy Bear to be all alone. But you see, it’s so sad because Teddy Bear left this old world wondering why Big Joe and the Phantom 309 never came back home from that day.  Yes Teddy Bear was called home but this next song tells the story so well, please take time to listen to it.

Finally it was time for Momma Teddy Bear to be alone with all the bills left behind due to the lawsuits that were against Big Joe and  Phantom 309. Yes, lawsuits for the loss of Phantom 309’s load and all the damages done to the road on that sad day!!! They said it was Big Joes’ fault even though the school bus had stalled in the middle of the road. But you see,  the Treadle Valve on the bus too had locked up causing the bus to be stalled in the middle of the road. All the lawsuits caused Mommy Teddy Bear to later have to sell the house where Little Teddy Bear once layed his head. The very same place that Big Joe drove day and night trying to pay for just so his wife and son had a safe place to live. Now Momma Teddy Bear was completely all alone and homeless.

But do you know what is so sad?  The whole time the Government knew the truth!  See Big Joe was just another truck driver and it was easier to blame the driver than it was to make a big corporation stop production of a product that they are making millions of dollars with every day from the Defective Air Brake Treadle Valve. Oh sure the NHTSA had put out recalls over the years but never did anything about it. Sadly this caused Momma Teddy Bear to pay the ultimate price and lose everything that she ever loved leaving her to be left alone, homeless, and living in the streets.

The story above is false but it is the truth of what can happen to drivers at any time while driving without their knowledge of the Treadle Valve air brake problem. The Treadle Valve has had recall after recall from the NHTSA starting in the 1970’s and is still happening today. Allan has been working on the problem for over 8 years and has notified the CVSA and the FMCSA, NHTSB, and NHTSA repeatedly over and over through these years. Allan has also meet with the administrator of FMCSA and has never received not one phone call, no letter of any kind, not even something as simple as one email back from them at all. Today the Treadle Valve problem still goes on and still causes accidents like the one in the story above. The truth is a lot of families live the nightmare like in the story above never knowing the truth of what really caused the accident. For if the truth was really known, it was a defective Treadle Valve.

We are a Trucking Nation!! Without our Truckers we would have nothing!! If you got it a Trucker brought it!! So please everyone lets all join together and try to stop accidents that are being caused on our roads and highways due to the TREADLE VALVE PROBLEM!!!! Our strength is in numbers so please come on everyone lets bring awareness to everyone out there on our roads and highways about the dangers that the TREADLE VALVE can cause!! Help save the lives of our loved ones, our families, our children, our friends!!!! Together we can get the job done!!!!!

Allan can be contacted at

Or you may call 1-573-475-8531 if you have any questions about the Treadle Valve



  1. Allan maybe you could send this to all the insurance companies to let them know about the problems and send it to the DVM offices. Have it post on the radio and TV stations. Then if enough other compaines know what is happening maybe they can force the companies that make it fix it.


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