It was a hot day in July when them there CRISPY CRITTERS came to town. I remember it well… the whole town has never been the same since!!! Some people in town still can’t believe what happened to their small quite town.. So if you got a minute you need to listen to my story. It could happen to a town near you still yet today. Please be advised if them there Crispy Critters come to your town… they never leave!!!


The shame here is if the NHTSA, NHTSB, or FMCSA would have just had that there TREADLE VALVE problem fixed that they have known about all the way back in the 1970’s, when them there CRISPY CRITTERS started  coming alive…well this here problem would not have happened.  But then again, what do you expect out of them there government officials that say their worried about the safety of all people on the road and highways, well who knows, maybe this here problem would have never had to happen!! Shoot…them there CRISPY CRITTERS would have just went right on by.


It was a hot day in July and I had just parked my old semi truck  and wouldn’t you know there was one of them there purple buses come a blarin down the road with them there crispy critters hanging out the windows on both sides. Had a couple of bloomers with them there peace and love signs all over ’em hanging on the radio antenna. Why you ain’t never heard such a commotion that them their crispy critters can make out of the inside of that old purple bus. I tell you boy… that there was one heck of a sight to see!!

I never will forget that there day me an ole Roy was talking and discussing the State of the Union Speech.  Just then,  Me and ole Roy looked up and seen this here purple bus go by the Baptist Church  but it couldn’t stop because the TREADLE VALVE HAD STUCK!  Well we just watched in amazement as it was headed for the court house. I tell ya we just knew it was going to be a terrible sight!  When all of a sudden the bus hit the curb and looked like it was headed straight for  Lambert’s Diner!  It slid sideways, them there tires were a smoking, yep that there purple bus looked like it was gonna turn over and slam right inside the diner..all them there CRISPY CRITTERS went to hollerin and screamin, even the dogs went to barking!

To me and ole Roy’s surprise that there purple bus turned around right before it reached the diner. (By the way, it was a good thing, that’s the only restaurant in town, unless you drive to May Berry USA.)  That purple bus continued headin for the court house when all the sudden it turned and hit one of them there big rocks in front of the courthouse steps! Well you’ll have to open up the link and listen to what happened next!! I tell you………you ain’t gonna believe you ears!!!!!!!


Since the whole town was taken over by CRISPY CRITTERS a friend of mine came by, yep there he was, SMOKEY and the BANDIT , so I loaded up my old semi truck and the rest of the story went something like this!



So if you don’t want CRISPY CRITTERS coming to your town!
Please Stand By Me and help stop the Treadle Valve Air Brake Problem that is causing accidents on the roads and highways.

You can do this by contacting Mrs. Claire McCaskill’s office at 473-651-0964

OR me at

OR call me at 574-475-8531



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