December 19 just 6 days until Christmas I was headed out for a short run. It was to be just a five-day run of hot freight that needed to be delivered for a church to give out Christmas Presents to little children who would not have a Christmas.
I was glad to take it knowing I’d be back home in time to be with the wife, Loretta and the children, along with enjoying our visits with the rest of the family. Well I made it to the delivery on time and unloaded. It was a blessing to see the church be able to get the toys to give to children for Christmas. The preacher ask if he could say an extra prayer for me by being so thankful for getting the children presents their on time. I said I would be dearly grateful for you to. I bowed my head as the preacher said a prayer. It was like a fire warmed up inside of me as he spoke and blessed me for delivering the load on time.
I thought of my children back home and how blessed it was for them to have presents under the tree because I knew a lot of children would not. I remember what little Billy said before I left daddy will you please be home for Christmas, for this will be the best Christmas yet!
Well I told the preacher how thankful I was to have his blessing and it sure was nice to be the one to deliver the load so that all the children would be able to enjoy presents under the tree at their homes this year. I pulled out of that driveway felling like the luckiest man on earth.
The wind started to pick up and I could tell it was getting colder as I drove on down the highway. I got thinking about Christmas and about all the good Christmas’ in the past. I also thought of how many old people would not have any one and how a lot of homeless people would just like to have a nice warm place to stay for Christmas. You bet I was feeling blessed! I was blessed just to be able to support my family and have a job.
As I traveled on down the highway, I was so happy just knowing that I would be home tomorrow, early on Christmas Eve. Well it was getting about that time and I began to listen to the other truckers as they all started to crank up the old CB. The other truckers were talking about how the temperature was getting colder and how it was supposed to snow on the mountain tonight. I was hoping I could get down the mountain before it started snowing. It seem like a long time but I finally made it to the top of the mountain and there was still no snow. I thought to myself, “how lucky can you get! No snow and all I have to do is watch out for the black ice.”
Well I had been talking back and forth for quite some time on the old CB to the trucker that was traveling in front of me. As I drove over the top of that mountain and started making my way down, I could hear the cold wind blow out side. It was one of those winter winds that would make you tremble inside. As I was going down that old mountain started to pick up speed, and with the other truck ahead of me, I always like to give plenty of room to stop in case something unexpected would happen. I noticed though, that when I pushed on the brakes the brake pedal was hard but the truck was not slowing down. I was coming up on the truck in front of me fast! I knew I was going way too fast to pull the stop buttons. I knew this would surly cause my truck to go into a skid and go over the cliff. I got on the CB and told the trucker that was traveling in front of me that I had no brakes and would have to come around her hoping that there was nothing else in the way. As I started around the truck I could hear the trucker say,” there’s a bus up ahead, I hope you can miss it.” But it was too late because my truck and trailer was speeding up and getting faster and faster! All of a sudden I could see the bus! Oh no there was a car traveling beside the bus. I was still stomping on the brakes trying to get them to work! I tried putting my hands under the steering wheel and pushing down on the brake pedal as hard as I could. I have to make a decision soon but I sure was hoping the car would go on around the bus. I knew it was the end of the line. I had no other choice. I knew I could get beside the bus and hit the car but I also knew that the bus could go over the cliff and it was loaded with little children.
I was going way too fast, I took the wheel and pulled it to the right, over the guard rail and down the cliff I went. I could hear the truckers’ voice say,” OH MY GOSH ! OH NO!”over the CB. As I was going over the edge of that cliff I looked up and saw that there was a full moon and all the stars were out. It looked as if heaven was all lit up. As I went crashing down that mountain all the small trees were hitting my truck and some of them were knocking out the head lights! All of a sudden the truck hit a big tree. I remember it hit so hard it injected me through the windshield and onto the ground. The truck and trailer came around and turned over and slid on down the mountain before it came to a rest. Finally the truck and trailer stopped.
I was dead by this time. I GUESS I WON’T TO BE COMING HOME FOR CHRISTMAS like I had promised little Billy. Nope I’m knocking on Heaven’s door. I sure hope the family can forgive me for ruining their Christmas. I was really looking forward to Christmas this year for some reason. The children were getting older and starting to realize what Christmas is all about. Yes they were finally old enough to realize that Christmas is the season for giving.
The accident report said I had brake trouble due to not adjusting the brakes. Truth known the Truck and Trailer had self-adjusting brake adjusters on it and you do not adjust them they do it themselves! The real problem for the accident was the TREADLE VALVE stuck and would not work! If only someone had paid attention to all the recalls from the NHTSA over the years then maybe Daddy would be home for Christmas!

After the accident the lady trucker took it upon her self to drive 100 miles out of her way just to tell the family what had taken place and how the accident really happened. But then again, that is the heart of a trucker!
I can’t imagine the hurt and sorrow as the lady trucker brought the news about the accident with all the family gathering around the table for Christmas Eve dinner anxiously waiting for Daddy to get home. How sad it must have been for them to receive the news of the horrible accident and to know that DADDY WOULD NEVER BE COMING HOME FOR CHRISTMAS AGAIN!


As time began to draw nearer to the special time of opening gifts that were placed under the tree there was no laughter, no sounds of joy, and no happy little faces smiling anxiously waiting for Daddy to pass out the gifts from underneath the Christmas tree. The only sound that was heard in the silent room was little Billy’s voice as he ask his mother,” Why did daddy not come home for Christmas?”


The event in the story above can happen to a driver at any time. The driver will never know that this will happen until it is too late. The TREADLE VALVE PROBLEM is a serious problem that is causing accidents on our roads and highways everyday. There have been recalls after recalls since the 1970’s about the TREADLE VALVE. Help me put an end to a serious problem that is taking the lives of drivers and motorists everywhere!! Will you please stand by me?
Will you Please stand by me so no other child will have to ask a mother why his daddy is never coming home again!

Help me stop accidents from happening on the road and highways due to the treadle valve problem?
It will only take a few minutes of your time to help stop the Treadle Valve problem by calling the number below and let them know that it is time to put an end to the TREADLE VALVE problem! THANK YOU!

Please contact Senator Claire McCASKILL 573-851-0964

You can contact me at 573-475-8531 or

Will you stand by me?


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