Dear Dad,

A lot of time has past and gone since you left this earth. I know you are happy but I was just wondering Dad, “What do you do up in Heaven?”

As I sit here I think back and I remember the days gone by and the long, lonely nights spent just thinking of how you would drive that “ole semi truck” day after day night after night. You were always in a hurry Dad. You were always wanting to get to your destination on time to deliver the load and always making sure there was another to pick up and drop off at the next point.

Is that what you do up in Heaven Dad?

Can you tell me what it is like driving a  truck up in Heaven Dad?

Are the streets paved with gold like they say?

Do the sun’s rays dance on the streets and make them sparkle?

They say you can  actually see the sun rays dancing on the pavement as you drive down Heaven’s streets.

They say the clouds are always bursting with tiny showers of brilliantly gleaming stars to always shine a light for all truckers that deliver loads up in Heaven.

Is it true Dad?

Is there no special time to deliver a load?  Is there always another load waiting?

Is it really like they say it is up in Heaven Dad?

I can’t help but wonder Dad, is time just a thing of the past now that you have arrived up in Heaven?   Are you still in a hurry Dad?

They say we get to do great and wonderful things up in Heaven!

I hope it is all they say it is Dad.

I hope you are as happy as I dream you to be because here on earth, time seems to have come to a standstill since you left. This world is an empty place without you Dad!  I still miss your smile, your laughter, all the good times we had together. So many times I ask myself why you left this earth in such a hurry!    Why was there no warning sign!     Why?

So many times my mind drifts back to the day you left this earth. So many painful memories of events that led up to the horrible accident that left the whole town in tears! So many people who told the stories of  how courageous you were when they seen you trying  so hard to stop your truck from hitting people as you went through the parking lot. But you knew it was not possible because the brakes would not work! In my mind I can still see you wondering what to do. I can see you trying to make the truck stop. I know your decision to swerve the truck and let it go over that cliff was the only thing left to do just to keep from hitting that bus load of children. In everyone’s eyes, and even mine Dad, you are a hero! I know you did the right thing.  Heaven received a brave angel that day! But here on earth I sure do miss you Dad! There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t remember something you taught me, or something funny you had to say. You always had that half way smile on your face and that special grin. When I close my eyes  I see you just as if you are still here, but I know it is just a dream.

Since you have left there has always been so many unanswered questions in my mind Dad. Did you ever think the Air Brake Treadle Valve would quit working like it did?

How there was no warning that it was going to malfunction like it did? I often ask myself why it had to be you Dad, that was taken from this earth, but I guess  Heaven needed you too!

Since you have left  I try everyday to bring awareness of the Air Brake Treadle Valve Problem to the attention of the news media, but no one wants to help! I have talked to Senators and the Congress people and they never respond. I guess they are too busy to worry about people dying on the roads and highways down here on earth. I have talked to the NHTSA and they sent a letter saying at this time it is not important enough to look into. So many times I have talked to FMCSA and they say they have more important things to do than to look at how the Air Brake Treadle Valve is causing accidents and endangering everyone’s safety on the roads and highways. I have also talked to the NHTSB and they say it is not their department. It is so upsetting to know that a problem as dangerous as the Air Brake Treadle Valve is being cast aside and not important enough for anyone to look into.  Here on earth Dad there is pain and destruction, so much greed and corruption! And we wonder why lives are being lost! So Dad will you please do me a favor? Will you please ask God to send me a message to show me how to help others so they don’t have to lose  their father or mother due to the Air Brake Treadle Valve Problem.

I know I am asking a lot for people to take time and look at what is really causing Buses and Trucks to not have brakes that work right when they need them to. I wish there was a way to make everyone see that there is a major problem here!

I just hope no more children have to die or their mothers or their fathers due to the Air Brake Treadle Valve Problem. I pray that no more children have to grow up in this world with out their parents because of the Air Brake Treadle Valve.10313608_319442631564233_2262349163968072700_n

Well that’s all I have to say for now Dad.

I hope the angels are flying beside you Dad as you drive down Heaven’s streets paved with gold. A smile always comes across my face when I think of how happy you must be up in Heaven.   I can just see you now, sitting in the driver’s seat of that “ole semi truck,” and that halfway smile on your face as the angels lift you up and soar through the Heavens. You always had that special grin Dad.  I know you are truly happy!

Until we meet again,

Your Son


Please feel free to contact Allan if you have any questions regarding information about the Treadle Valve!

Airbrake Info:  1-573-475-8531


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